4 ticks in my bed

Bonjour. In this video, I want to share a simple daily routine which can have a big impact on your performance. 

I had the pleasure of working with many leaders in large companies. They all agree on the importance of having a strategy with clear, defined goals. They know it is important to communicate this strategy with their team members, to discuss what the team needs to focus on and agree on reaching specific goals.

 There is nothing wrong with this. Performance starts with clarity.

 However, I strongly suggest you don’t stop there. The issue with goals is that they are lagging. This means that goals are measuring the past. For example, if you want to reach $1M revenue by the end of the quarter, you will only know at the end of the quarter if you have succeeded. You need to wait till the end of the quarter to know if you have achieved your goal.

 My suggestion: find your leading indicators.

 What is a leading indicator? It is an input; it is something you do. What do I need to do every week to know I am going in the right direction, to know I will achieve my goal at the end of the period? A goal is an outcome, but a leading indicator is an input, an action.

My personal example:

Every evening when I go to bed, I write a few things down on a small note pad. On one side I write my gratitude journal. Research shows that writing down 3 things that you are grateful every day can have a huge positive impact on your mental well- being and overall happiness.

On the other side I focus on a few leading indicators. On the first column I write the day and then I have my four leading indicators: am, exercise, sugar and pm.

If I did what I had planned to do, I write a tick in the column.

  • am – yes or no have I done my morning routine?
  • exercise – yes or no have I done my daily exercise?
  • sugar – I have a sweet tooth. Hard for me to resist a good piece of chocolate. So yes or no have I been good today?
  • pm – yes or no have I done my evening routine?

4 ticks in my bed☺

That’s it! Nothing too complex, but every day I keep track of a few simple things that I have control of.
These are my personal leading indicators.

Have a great day. 

A bientôt,

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