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Our Programs are designed to help you Work Smarter: Live Better

We help swamped leaders and their teams. High performers who love what they do but don’t know if it’s sustainable.

Most people have never been taught how to work.

What a bold statement to start with. However, in our view, this is one of the most important reasons for lack of execution and lowers than expected performance.

Most people are committed to their role and want to do a good job. They are neither lazy nor un-willing, but they are not working efficiently - they work hard but not always smart. 

They have never been taught how to work. We’re here to fix that.

"The Work Smarter Live Better session was voted by my team ‘hands-down the most incredible learning session we have had. I presume that’s why ‘life-changing’ was a word that came up so often in the feedback."

Jo Horgan
Founder and CEO of Mecca Cosmetica


Leaders Intensive

A hands-on journey with the leadership team to transform their life by changing their work habits.

“I know what I am supposed to do, but…”

Many leaders in large organisations are swamped. How often do we hear this: ‘I know what I am supposed to do but… But look at the number of emails I get every day, but look at the number of meetings I attend, but look at the number of other things I need to do”.

Leader's Intensive Main Points:
  • Regain control of their workload
  • Spend 2h more per day on their priorities
  • Excel at work, and
  • And have a great life at home

Smart people with clear strategies who are struggling to spend enough time on their key priorities.

Loving and caring Mums and Dads who get home late and stressed.

This is what this intensive is about. Taking a leader and their team through a 90 day journey to challenge and change their ways of working. A very practical and down to earth journey to change work habits.

I just wanted to let you know what a profound impact you have had on my life.

About a year ago I was drowning in paperwork and stress which lead me to contact my doctor and even see a councillor in order to help me with my issues. It took a toll on my health and my family life and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. In one of those quirky moments from the universe that can’t quite be explained I picked up the Fin Review (when I didn’t have the time to) and read an article about you and the “Work Smarter, Live better” book.

I immediately felt that this was something that could help me and began reading it on the train to and from work and any moment I could at home. I then blocked out 2 days of my life and I thought, sweated and organised and completely took charge of my desk and my life! The feeling of relief at the end of the process was indescribable and I immediately began to feel I had control in my life.


Team Rollout

A practical training to embed smart ways of working throughout the whole team.

“It feels like a carriage moving slowly, being pulled in different directions…”

This is how Neil described his team. He had been clear on the strategy. They had regular team meetings, may be too regular. They had great communication tools. Everyone was working hard but the key strategic projects were moving too slowly. And people were getting stressed.

Team Roll Out Main Benefits
  • 2 hours more per person per day on the team priorities
  • Significant improvement of engagement score
  • Reduced turn over
  • Agreed team etiquette and ways of working

Most people were struggling to spend time on their priorities as the day to day was always taking over.

The engagement score of the team was lower than targeted.

And some people were starting to burn out, wondering if their job was sustainable.

This is what this roll out is about. Embedding smart ways of working to the whole team. Making people smile and perform.

“Everyone is now aligned. It feels like we are all pulling in the same direction.

“It is hard to precisely quantify the improvement on the performance of the team. However I estimate we saved between half a million to a million dollars of cost thanks to this journey. The increased focus of the team probably accelerated some key projects by about 6 months.”

- The feedback from Neil after the roll out to his team.

WSLB Champions

This video explains the process of establishing WSLB champions and why they’re an important part of a successful program roll-out.

standalone PROGRAM

Team Workshop

A fun and engaging session where everyone will walk away with two to three very practical learnings they can apply straight away

“It was voted by my team ‘hands-down the most incredible learning session we have had. I presume that’s why ‘life-changing’ was a word that came up so often in the feedback.”

- Founder & Director of Australian Leading Retailer”

Getting the team together is a very special time. A time for communication, connecting, listening and learning. If you want to help your team with workload management, prioritisation, focus and work life balance, you should consider a Work Smarter: Live Better session during your next offsite.

What you will hear: laughing, discussing, questioning

What they will get: some very practical tips to work smarter live better

What you will see: many small changes in the weeks after

“I can’t put it into words. I have never seen a single session and presenter have such an impact! It was the core theme today and the takeaway actions flowed into the team planning session this afternoon and report back.”


standalone PROGRAM


A high energy speech to inspire large group to change their ways of working.

If you want a very hands-on and inspiring speech on personal productivity, working smarter rather than harder, how to be in control at work and dramatically impact your work-life balance then Cyril is your guy.

Cyril will entertain and engage your team in a very practical session and challenge a lot of people in their thinking about personal and team productivity. His passion and enthusiasm is projected to his audience. His ambition is to change the life of the people he interacts with. It may sound like a very ambitious goal, but this is ultimately what drives him.

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