What Our Clients Have To Say

We proudly share with you some clients experiences with us.

I didn’t realise the impact of my work on my stress levels. Since working with Cyril Peupion I am less stressed. I sleep at night. He changed my life!

Marnie McLaren

Head of investment sourcing, St George Wealth Management

Most rewarding is the personal time I have now built into my working week that ensures I spend quality time with my family.

Stuart Blake

Head of Sales & Service, NRMA, SGIO & SGIC - IAG

We’re now trying to work a way to push these learnings, not just through the leadership team and the extended leadership team, but through the entire organisation. That’s how much we believe in Work Smarter Live Better, and Cyril.

Jo Horgan
Founder and CEO of Mecca Cosmetica 

The great thing about WSLB is that it gives you clear steps that you can take immediately to operate at your best ... The toolkits that you’re given are really simple, and easy to implement.

Russell Parker
CEO of Melrose

Just wanted to thank you for the massive impact your book is having on my life!

I am slowly implementing a number of your suggestions and my productivity has gone through the roof already and I’m only half way through the book!

I am enjoying your book immensely and I look forward to my new life that awaits me.

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say a big THANKS! Wow, what an impact on the running of my business and my personal life.

Over the past couple of weeks I have implemented most of what's in your book and I have seen a huge change in not only the way the business is run but in the way that the staff is responding!

I just wanted to let you know what a profound impact you have had on my life.

About a year ago I was drowning in paperwork and stress which lead me to contact my doctor and even see a councillor in order to help me with my issues. It took a toll on my health and my family life and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. In one of those quirky moments from the universe that can’t quite be explained I picked up the Fin Review (when I didn’t have the time to) and read an article about you and the “Work Smarter, Live better” book.

I immediately felt that this was something that could help me and began reading it on the train to and from work and any moment I could at home. I then blocked out 2 days of my life and I thought, sweated and organised and completely took charge of my desk and my life! The feeling of relief at the end of the process was indescribable and I immediately began to feel I had control in my life.

What Cyril’s program changed for me was helping me to focus on the really big priorities. And then breaking it down and saying, “What do I need to do each week, each day, to pursue these priorities?

Stefan Mohr
Senior Partner and Managing Director
Boston Consulting Group

Cyril is very passionate about what he does. As soon as you spend time with him, you’re saying to yourself “I want to do this program! I want to be like him!

Claire Spencer
CEO of Arts Centre Melbourne

Thanks for such a great book Cyril, Not only am I excited about how the changes will affect my work performance, I am also excited about how much more in control of my days and my weeks I will feel. I can see myself going from always playing catch up to being totally in control with what I have learned.

Being an up and coming Gen Y, a time management 'Nazi' and not to mention victim of countless droll corporate development programs, I was cynical.

To my surprise, tonight I read half the novel in one sitting and enjoyed it. About five pages into the 'effectiveness' component of the novel, a revelation hit me. I put the novel down, physically buzzing with adrenalin and excitement. It was a truly enlightening moment. I then proceeded to register a domain name, a business name and write out a business plan. Using the templates in your novel, I wrote out my goals and an action plan.

Your book had compelled me to take the initiative and focus on my 'big rocks', no longer my someday rocks. I then picked up the book and finished the rest, musing at the last chapter; progress not perfection. Your book has certainly inspired me to progress and I feel ready to embark on a life changing venture.

I've never penned a thank you email to anyone before but, thank you...and congratulations on a fantastic book.

I just wanted to write and say how happy I am (and my family is!) that you wrote Work Smarter: Live Better.

I am a stay-at-home mum with a 2 year old and a 1 year old and I think I now have a totally different perspective on my time. I understand now my time is valuable and limited so I am now proactive in looking and planning the week ahead.

This helps with so many things including that I can say no without feeling guilty and I schedule a recurring appointment with the kids that is at home and is just for fun and connecting together.

I schedule it at our 'best times' - times when we are the most rested and bright and I am mentally 'present'. They are fantastic fun and I think it is largely due to these special times together that I finally feel that I am making the most of my time at home with the kids during their precious early years.

Previously this 'together time' usually came a poor second or third to doing chores, making phonecalls, visiting friends etc. and often was almost an afterthought at the end of a busy morning/day when we were tired and I had actually given my 'best' to other things/people.

There are so many other examples of how it has changed my life. Thank you!’

‘an excellent book that I really believe is going to vastly improve my performance in both my work and also in my everyday life.