A pod of dolphins

Tal Ben-Shahar, who taught one of the most popular courses at Harvard University, explored this simple question with his students: how can we help ourselves and others to become happier?

This is an interesting question especially when the rate of depression is rising around the world.

Are you a half glass full person or half glass empty person?

Bonjour, in this video, I want to share one simple thing that I do every evening, a simple routine which makes a big difference.

Today I am with my family in Coffs Harbor. Coffs Harbour, for the people outside Australia, is about five hours north of Sydney. We are in the middle of winter, but the weather is still very pleasant averaging around 23 degrees Celsius. I am sitting along the coast looking out to sea. We have just been fortunate enough to view a large a pod of dolphins jumping and playing in the surf and with the surfers. Amazing!

When I train a team, I challenge and change some of their work habits. At the end of the journey we also discuss personal habits and routines. As Aristotle said ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’. The little things you do on a regularly basis at work and at home do matter.

One of my personal habits is to write down every evening before going to sleep, three things that I am grateful for that day. I will share this moment tonight in my gratitude journal: being here with my family, and watching this pod of dolphins playing in the waves.

This is a simple exercise that was recommended by quite a few ‘happiness’ experts including Tal Ben-Shahar. It’s a wonderful way to close the day and prepare yourself for a good sleep. Moreover, it is so simple and easy to do. All you need is a pen and notepad on your bed side table, and time to dedicate 2 minutes before going to sleep. Just write down the three things you are grateful for. Close your eyes and relive the special moments you are grateful for.

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip. Write down three things every evening you are grateful for. Have a wonderful day!

A bientôt

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