Back from leave on Wednesday

Bonjour, Cyril here. In this video I want to share one trick that can have a great impact on reducing stress the day you get back from leave.

I’m at the moment working with the management team of a big retail group. We are at the start of the year and they have just come out of their busiest period of the year, Christmas. So, in January all of them took a well-deserved break. They all loved their time away from work, but absolutely loathed their first day back in the office. Everyone complained how hard it was to come back to hundreds of emails in their inbox, numerous meetings to attend, and so many people who wanted to catch up and talk about pending issues

Therefore, the general consensus was disappointment as these managers explained how their renewed energy levels after a 2 to 3 week break soon evaporated within hours of being back in the office.

Sounds familiar.

My suggestion: don’t come back on a Monday….

What do I mean? Well your first day back in the office shouldn’t be a Monday but a Tuesday or even better a Wednesday. Here is how I suggest you play it.

Monday, stay on leave.
Tuesday work from home.
Wednesday come back to the office.

Tuesday is your catch-up day. Except for your manager, do not tell anyone that you are working that day. Catch up with your emails. Check your To Do list and do your planning. So that on Wednesday, when you walk through the door of the office, you are on top of things and you have a smile on your face.

One of the managers of this group shared with everyone that he had actually done it a few years ago, he came back from leave on a Wednesday. He noticed by doing this he was interrupted far less as everyone was already half way through the week and not in panic crisis Monday mode.

This is this week’s work smarter live better tip. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t come back from leave on a Monday, come back on a Tuesday or even better on a Wednesday.

Best wishes for your next break,

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