Be selfish to be generous

Bonjour. This is Cyril from Work Smarter, Live Better. In this video, I just want to talk about you.

I have the pleasure and privilege of working with many leaders and their team around the world. People who give 200% to their job. They very often love what they do. They are hard worker working long hours and giving lots to their team and clients. Then in evening they come home, and they want to be super dad, super husband or super wife.

And they end up forgetting one really key person: themselves… 

After giving it all to others they are exhausted. They have no time for their passion, for the things they really love doing. Everyone else, their boss, their clients, their team, their kids, their partner, go first and they go last, which mean that they’re not really looked after.

My advice on this one is to be selfish to be generous. What do I mean by that? I think it’s really important to think about me-time.

It doesn’t have to be long. 15mn per day could be enough. But make sure that every day you dedicate at least 15 to 20 minutes to yourself. 

It doesn’t have to be complex. A few suggestions:

·        Relaxing in a hot bath with some cool music in the background (I can some of you already smiling at that one J)

·        Sit down and read a book

·        Sit down and listen to the music you love

·        Go for a nice walk

·        Cook a nice meal

It doesn’t matter as long as it is something for you, something you really enjoy doing. 

And the paradox here is that you will be a better person for it. If you take time for yourself every day, if you protect time for you daily, you will be a better version of yourself the rest of the time for everyone else: for your partner, kids, friends, boss, colleagues, clients… 

You will be happier. You will have more energy. 

So 15 minutes per day to be selfish to be happier and more generous the rest of the day. 

In true Work Smarter: Live Better fashion I will say this is a big rock, something that should be a priority for you and why not protected in your diary. 

This is this week Work Smarter, Live Better tip.

Before letting you go, one little thing I would like to share with you. You might have seen in one of my previous blog, early Feb this year I am doing a round the world tour. I am very excited about it. I’m going to be working with people in the US, in Europe, in Asia. And I am also planning my next round the world tour in March. So if you are there in one of those places, and if I can help you, if I can serve you, if I can be of any help to you and your team, just drop me an email at

Have a great day. 

A bientôt



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