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Disconnect at the end of the day

Bonjour, Cyril here. In this video I want to share three simple advice to really disconnect at the end of the day, to make sure that when you leave the office you disconnect from all the stress from the office before you get home.

I am in the moment in Atlanta working with a global consulting firm and with a team of their leaders, so you can see behind me the beautiful City of Atlanta. It’s one of those clear, blue day, blue skies, really quite enjoyable. We just had discussion about this time of the day where at the end of the day you leave work but when you enter home, you’re still carrying a lot of the stress that you have from work. Even worse sometimes you arrive home and you’re still checking email, sometimes you even have some meeting on the phone and if not, you’re still in work mode, in stress mode, all the emotional stress of the day still carried with you.

So, I want to make three simple advice, three simple suggestion about how to disconnect at the end of the day. One is what you need to do when you’re still at work, the second one is what you need to do when you’re in transition, in between work and home, and three is just before you enter home.

So, when you’re still at work, my suggestion is close the loop. Before you leave the day, write down all your open loops, “I forgot to do this and I haven’t finished this email,” and so on. Just capture that, capture all that. It doesn’t mean you have to do it. It means that you get it out of your brain, all those open loops that you haven’t finished during the day, “Oh, I supposed to do that, I haven’t done it,” just capture it on a piece of paper, at least it’s out of your brain. Number one.

In the transition between home and the office I suggest you just relax. It doesn’t have to be the whole transition, you might take the bus, you might take the ferry, you might take the train… the train is very Sydney, so you might take the train and I understand you might work, you might do some email, but keep a little time, maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes to disconnect. It could be reading a book that you enjoy; it could be listening to music. One of my clients recently said, “I take the bus. I’m going to stop one bus stop away from home, not the right bus stop, so I can have a little 15-minute walk.” Great. Think about how you can relax.

The third one is when you enter home, before you enter, just before entering home, I want you to reset. I want you to think about who you want to be. You are not anymore, the business manager, the leader, the subject matter expert that you are. You are now a loving husband or wife, a caring father or mother. What personal entity do you want to wear? To really think about what you do when you leave the office, how you relax before, in between and how you reset before you get home.

This is this week work smarter and better tip. Hope you enjoy it and hope that can help you to really disconnect at the end of the day. Take care.

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