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Do you still use the palm pilot?

You won’t believe what I stumbled upon during a recent chat about task management tools – the Palm Pilot!

Bonjour, in this video, I want to make a few suggestions about the tools that you may want to use to organize all your tasks.

I work with many leaders around the world.  One question I ask them when I train them is what tool they use to organize all of their tasks. I’ve discovered a vast array of tools – from the classic pen and paper to sophisticated apps and everything in between.

Recently, someone mentioned to me: ‘Cyril, to organize my important tasks I use the Palm Pilot’. Some of you might remember the Palm Pilot, one of the first PDA (personal digital assistant). A great tool 20 years ago. I hadn’t seen anyone using this tool for years, hence my surprise. 

Then the person explained. ‘I am not using an old Palm Pilot. What I mean is when I have something very important to do, I write it in the palm of my hand to avoid forgetting about it.’

So no, I am not suggesting you go into an antique shop to dig out an old Palm Pilot. I suggest you use three tools: a capture tool, a time-consuming task tool and a quick task tool. 

1. Capture Tool: 

Imagine having a genius idea while sipping your morning coffee or waiting in line. For such spontaneous moments, a mobile capture tool is a game-changer. Personally, I use the Notes app on my iPhone. A quick jot-down ensures I don’t lose that brilliant thought or something I need to do. 

2. Time-Consuming Task Tool: 

Segmenting tasks is crucial. I divide them into quick tasks (requiring a few minutes) and time-consuming tasks (needing more significant chunks of time). For my detailed planning, I stick to a straightforward Excel spreadsheet. It’s divided into ‘Big Rocks’ (top priorities) and ‘Other Tasks.’ Simple, effective, and it keeps me on track. 

3. Quick Task Tool: 

Ever had a task that’s quick to do but needs to be done in the future? I rely on Outlook Tasks (you can use any tool that allows task scheduling). Whether it’s a reminder for next week or a month from now, assigning it to a specific date ensures it doesn’t slip through the cracks. 

Your tools might differ from mine, and that’s ok. Just make sure you have three tools which can perform the above functions. 

So, my question for you is this: What tools do you use to capture spontaneous thoughts? Is there a designated list or system for your time-consuming tasks? How do you manage reminders for tasks in the future? 

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip.  

Wishing you a lovely day!  

A bientôt,

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