Finish on a high

Bonjour – In this video, I want to discuss a very simple, but in my view, very powerful habit that made quite a difference to me.

I am at the moment in Deli, India. What an incredible city with a population of 26 million inhabitants. 26 million… Compared to 25 million in the whole of Australia. So lively, so much to do and see. I am working with a group of leaders and we are reaching the end of our four months journey together. A journey to challenge and changes some of their work habits, to work smarter live better.

When I work with a team, we mainly focus on the work habits. But in the end, we have a session on personal habits. I think challenging and changing some of our personal habits is as important if not more than our work ones.

Let me ask you. On your death bed, what will you say was more important, your business life or your personal life? Obvious.

Among other things, I shared today a simple but powerful routine I adopted a few years ago: my gratitude journal.

I have a notepad on my bedside table called my grateful journal. Every evening when I go to bed, I write in it three things I am grateful for. I review my day and think about three simple things I am grateful for. And I write them down, memorizing how I felt during these moments.

I learnt this from the few studies I read on happiness. They all point out how important it is to be grateful, and how a simple daily journal can help. I adopted it a few years ago and really enjoy it. It makes me finish my day with something positive. With a smile.

It is so easy every day to see all what is not working. Change it. Adopt a grateful mindset. There is always something to make me smile. And a grateful journal is a great way to train your mind to be more grateful for life.

I hope you enjoy this little habit. I’m going to go back and continue working with this great team.

A bientôt

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