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How to Become More Effective by Changing Few Simple Things

Hi! This is Cyril from the Work smarter, Live better.

In this segment, I want to show you how you can become more effective by changing a few simple things.

Most company that we work with have clear strategies. I think most business whether they’re big or large have become smarter into we need to find a vision, a goal on where we’re going. The issue is not quite often the strategy. The issue is what I call the execution. The issue is the gap between those high level goals and what each person and each verse are doing in a day to day basis.

I once did a very interesting survey that I did a few years ago. 66 percent of corporate strategy is never executed. Very clear on strategy, a lot of that more than two thirds is never done.

So there are 3 simple advice I have for you on this one. My first advice is think quarterly. Every quarter, take your time to really think about your 2 or 3 priorities for the next quarter. Look at the strategy, look at the business where it is going and ask yourself the 2 or 3 things that you really need to focus on to actually execute the strategy. Number 1 think quarterly.

Number 2, plan weekly. Every week it’s such an important disciplinary habit to get. Every week you look at those 2 or 3 priorities and you plan your  next week and say “how can I make it happen?”, “how can I protect my time to make sure that next week, I spend enough time on to 2 or 3 priorities?” And you block it and you protect it and you put meetings in yourself in your diary to protect that. So, number 2 plan weekly.

And the third one is Act Daily. And what I mean by act daily is every day you will have process and every day you will have things that’s gonna come and try to eat your time and your priorities. And have the discipline but also the focus.

If you blocked now and work to one of your key priorities for this hour, be hundred percent focus on it. No distraction, no interruptions. Find a way to really be focus. By the way focus, it is one of the key criteria of my performance. So the focus during the day is very important.

So, think quarterly, plan weekly and act daily.

And this is this week’s, work smarter, live better tip. I hope you enjoyed it and if you enjoyed it press “Like” below and share with us what is your number one for you to be more effective. And let’s continue our conversation below. Have a lovely week, cheers!


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