I work when he plays

Bonjour, in this video I want to share a simple but important planning technique.

I am going to be in England for three weeks so despite running my own business, I also want to make the most of Cameron. He trains nearly every day, mainly in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon and occasionally all day. It varies all the time. But I also need to work. I have quite a lot on at the moment and many leaders have contacted me to help their teams work smarter remotely or hybrid.

This is a dilemma faced by many people. We all want to be the best partner, parent, friend and dedicate our time to our loved ones. However, we also have busy working days.

My suggestion: design or redesign your ideal week.

If you have been listening to some of my previous blogs, then you know how important it is to design your ideal week. Sometimes life throws at you challenges which can have an impact either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, this is the time to design (if you haven’t done it already) or redesign your ideal week.

For me I have completely redesigned my ideal week for the next three weeks whilst I am in England, in order to fit around Cameron’s schedule. Firstly, I’ve asked him to give me the times when he is not training so that we can do things together, and this is the first thing I have protected in my calendar.

Secondly, I’ve protected time for my clients. Being in England, all my meetings with my Aussie clients are happening early in the morning. This works well for me as I am an early riser and Cameron is not.

Thirdly, I have protected time for my health and learning. Every day I want to do some exercise, as well as developing myself and learning something new. Time for this also gets protected in my diary.

Fourthly, and this will not surprise you, I have blocked time for my big rocks. My big rocks are my key priorities, the few things which will have a big impact long term. I want to make sure I have a couple of hours protected every day for these.

Finally, I have blocked time for my emails. This was last on the list (hint hint) and I certainly didn’t schedule it first thing in the morning when I wake up.

In summary, I just want to reiterate the importance of designing or redesigning your ideal week, even if it is for three weeks. When I am back in Australia at the end of November (although, I am not looking forward to the two weeks in hotel quarantine, but this is another topic) I will come back to my previous ideal week. However, during my time with Cameron I wanted to adapt my time to make sure I make the most of him while continuing serving my clients, keeping healthy as well as focusing on my big rocks.

Have a wonderful day.

A bientôt,

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