It’s only a tool

Hi this is Cyril from Work Smarter: Live Better. In this video, I want to discuss a common mistake a lot of people do when they think that the solution to all their personal productivity problems is to find the right tool, to find the right app.

At Work Smarter: Live Better we have the pleasure of working with many corporates around the world from small to large and many different sizes. And I’ve seen so many different systems about how to organise ourselves. Some people use Outlook, some people use Gmail, some people use the Apple Suite, some people use Lotus, Groupwise, some apps, papers and all and the above. And very often people ask me “what’s the best tool?”, “Cyril what’s your secret best productivity tool?”

I think by asking this question we’re focusing on the wrong thing, we’re not focusing on the right issue. I think what’s really important to understand is principles are more important than tools. Principle before tools.

For example, when we coach a team, we use exactly the same principles whether they use Outlook, Gmail, Apple, Lotus. They’re exactly the same principles how to process your tasks, how to manage them. Now each of these tools have got different functionalities and then you adapt to the functionalities. But the principles are before.

I’ve seen people using a paper tool really, really well and I’ve seen people using apps very poorly, because it’s more about the principle they’re using behind that.

In one of the client that I was working with recently which is using Outlook, I had some people using Outlook Calendar and Outlook Task as their main tools. I had other people using Outlook Calendar and an app as their main tools. I had other people using Outlook Calendar, Outlook Task and a paper list as their tools. And they’re all fine as far as you respect the principles.

This is this week Work Smarter: Live Better tip. I’m really curious. Have you found any tool that works better for you? And what are the principle you use behind it? Don’t hesitate to share a few ideas about the tool you’re using and the principles that sustained those tool behind this.

I hope you enjoyed it until next time you have a lovely day. Thanks Bye Bye.

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