Life is a journey of decisions

Life is full of tough choices, both in our personal and professional lives. These choices often require us to make difficult decisions that may have a significant impact on our future.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and procrastinate when facing these tough choices but avoiding them can lead to regret and missed opportunities. Hence why it is crucial to have a framework to guide us in making the best decisions possible. 

Bonjour, in this video, I want to share a very simple but powerful question that can help make a big difference on how you prioritize and make tough choices.

Most people prioritize based on deadlines. The question they have in the back of their mind is ‘when is it due?’. If they have two things to do, one due today and one due in three weeks’ time, which one do you think most people start with? 

Yes, the one due today. 

When I work with leaders, I challenge this mindset and encourage a shift towards considering the long-term impact. When faced with multiple tasks, it is so important to ask ourselves which one will have the most impact long-term, rather than simply choosing the one due soonest.

In addition to this question, I wanted to add another layer that I came across when a client of mine recommended a book called “4000 Week” by Oliver Burkeman.

In this book, he encourages us to consider whether a choice will diminish or enlarge us long term. If a choice diminishes us, it’s probably not the right choice, but if it enlarges us, even if it’s tough, it’s likely the right one. 

I reflect on some of the important decisions I’ve made and realize that I’ve procrastinated on tough choices for weeks or even months. But asking myself whether a choice would diminish or enlarge me could have helped me make the right decision sooner.

So, my question to you is, what tough decision are you procrastinating on right now? What tough choice are you finding excuses for? 

Ask yourself, will this choice diminish me or enlarge me long-term? 

I hope this tip helps you prioritize and make the right choices.  

Have a lovely day! 

A bientôt,

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