Little insignificant things

Hi, this is Cyril from Work Smarter, Live Better.
In this video, I want to share one powerful, simple but powerful, concept that makes a difference between success and failure.

Me and my team, we have the pleasure and privilege of working with many leaders and their team around the world. And the focus is quite simple. Our focus is how can we completely transform your life by changing your work habits?

It’s a four, five, six months journey where we challenge and change their work habits. Now at the start of the journey, a lot of people think that it’s about changing two or three major thing that’s going to have a major impact, and that’s not at all that. It’s fine tuning a lot of little things, a lot of small things, that they do on a daily basis. But just by fine tuning them, added together, compounded together, that makes a huge difference.

In his great book, ‘The Slight Edge”, Jeff Olson talks about the difference between success and failure. And he’s got this beautiful expression: “The difference between success and failures are little insignificant things.”

It’s the small thing that you do on a daily basis. Money. The day you start working, rather than buying yourself a coffee every day, you invest those three dollars every day. By the time you retire, you’re a millionaire. But on a daily basis, it makes no difference, it’s a little insignificant things.

The little difference that you make on a daily basis about what you eat. Are you going to go for the sugar and all the fatty things, or are you going to go for the healthy things?

It’s just little choice that you make. Now, on a week, it doesn’t make any difference. In a month, not that much difference. But compounded together, it makes a hell of difference.

The difference between success and failure is those little insignificant things.

My advice is be aware of all those little thing that you do, all those little habits, and fine tune all your little habits. And there’s many areas. See them as a lot of little things that you’re doing. Fine tune those little habits.

And we all know the choice that we should make. And the frustrating thing is it doesn’t make any difference on a week, on a month, but compounded together, it makes a hell of a difference.

This is this week Work Smarter, Live Better tip, hope you enjoyed.
And until next time, practise and change the little things.

Take care.

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