My Friend, the bin

Bonjour, Cyril here. In this video, I want to share three simple figures, three numbers that can completely change your relationship with email.

A few years ago, I started sharing three figures with my clients: 80 10 10.

What do I mean by 80 10 10?

Simple. Out of 100 emails you receive, 80 should go to your biggest file called my friend ‘the bin.’ Yes, I suggest that 80% of the emails you are receiving should be deleted.

10 % should go to your second biggest file called halfway to the bin and 10% should be filed / archived. ‘Halfway to the bin’ is a folder for emails that you want to keep for a few days. You do not want to delete it straight away, but you know that in a few days this email will be irrelevant.

Let me ask you a simple question. Be honest, what is the percentage of emails you are keeping that you know you will never check again? When I ask this question to my clients, the answer I get is between 95 and 99%.

Why then are we keeping so many?

Now I’m not extreme, I’m not saying you should delete 99%. I’m being very kind. I’m just saying 80%. But my point is this. Most emails you receive, you will never need them again. So put a filter in your brain. Before keeping an email, ask yourself, “Can I delete this email?” And you will see, you can delete many more emails than you think.

Now, you might not go to the extreme of 80 10 10. You might end up being 50 25 25 or 60 20 20. I’m personally a 90 8 2. I delete 90% of the emails I receive, put 8% in my halfway to the bin and only keep 2%. I have never had any issues.

This is my tip today. Be ruthless with your emails. Only keep the ones that you really need. The rest are for my friend the ‘bin ‘or ‘halfway to the bin.’

Hope this will be useful for you.

A bientôt

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