No plan B

A few days ago, after many years of hard work and sacrifices, Cameron made his debut in the English Premier League. It was a remarkable achievement, as playing in the Premier League is considered one of the highest honors in football. Cameron became the 55th Australian to reach this milestone.

We only found out 24 hours before that he could potentially be involved in the match so unfortunately TK and I couldn’t be there. However, we were fortunate enough to share this special moment with a few friends who joined our family to watch the match live at 4.30am here in Sydney.

in this video I want to discuss the power of being 100% clear and focused on your goals. 

Ever since he was a young boy, Cameron had always dreamt of one day becoming a professional football player. His unwavering focus on this end goal became evident during a family reunion last Christmas. My sister asked him whether he had ever thought of having a backup plan when he was growing up as in football there are always setbacks and injuries. Much to my sister’s surprise, Cameron stated that he had never had a plan B.

He was so clear and dedicated to his goal that he couldn’t even entertain the idea of an alternative path. Cameron’s mindset was solely focused on Plan A: becoming a professional football player. He explained that if had used mental energy on thinking about a Plan B, then he wouldn’t have been able to 100% focus on his Plan A.

It has now become a saying within our family and when Cam made his debut the first thing my sister wrote in our family WhatsApp chat “ Pas Plan B!” ( No Plan B!)

It’s crucial to maintain 100% focused on your goals and resist the temptation of having numerous backup plans. By staying committed and dedicated to plan A, you increase your chances of success. 

Cameron took his goal and broke it down into small milestones throughout his journey. 

From joining his local football team as a four-year-old; to making it into the Manly United representative team; and then to the prestigious Sydney Fc Academy; being selected to playing for Australia to finally moving overseas to join the Premier League side Brighton and Hove Albion. He set clear markers of achievement along the way. Each milestone brought him closer to his ultimate dream.

Reflecting on this story, I want to ask you this: What are your dreams and goals at a business level? Are you clear on what you want to achieve? Have you broken them down into yearly and quarterly milestones? 

Similarly, on a personal level, what are your two or three goals or dreams? Have you taken the time to set yearly and quarterly goals to work towards them? 

I share this story with great pride and joy, not only for Cameron but also for the lessons we can learn from his journey. Let us remember that every milestone we achieve brings us a step closer to our aspirations. 

I wish you a lovely day and encourage you to stay focused on your 

A bientôt

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