Number one

I am currently with TK in Pulau Tengah, a beautiful island in Malaysia.

As we are staying in bungalow number one, I couldn’t help but think about George. George was the caretaker of a house we stayed in on a similar island called Aore in Vanuatu.

If you meet George in the morning, and you ask him “Hey, George, how you doing?” He’ll answer, “number one”. 

If you ask “Hey, George, how was the football yesterday?” “Number one”. 

If you ask “Hey, George has the sea today.” You guessed it. “Number one”.

In this video I want to share with you one simple habit that can really have a big impact on your life. 

Despite living in a simple condition, George was always positive and grateful. Everything was amazing for him, everything was number one. This got me thinking about how we often take things for granted and forget to appreciate the good things in our lives. 

I work with many smart and high-performing leaders around the world, and I know firsthand how busy and stressed they can be. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and forget about our own well-being and work-life balance.

That’s why I want to share with you a simple exercise recommended by Martin Seligman, a psychologist, author and educator who specializes on positive psychology and well-being. In his book Flourish he suggests a simple exercise.

Every day, take two minutes to write down three things you’re grateful for. It can be anything, big or small, that you appreciate in your life. 

For me, I keep a grateful journal and a pen by my bedside, and every evening before going to bed, I write down the date and three things I’m grateful for. This simple exercise not only puts a positive thought in my mind before sleeping, but it also trains my brain to focus on the good things in life. It has helped me to see the positive in even the most challenging situations and to appreciate everything I have.

Daily gratitude journaling has been proven to boost positivity, lower stress levels, and enhance overall life satisfaction. By acknowledging the good things in life, even the small ones, you can train your brain to develop a positive mindset in any situation. 

So, my question to you is, what is your number one habit? And if you don’t have one, is it worth taking two minutes per day to write down three things you’re grateful for? It’s a small but powerful exercise that can improve your life in many ways. 

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip. 

I’m off to have lunch with TK and go on a snorkeling tour on different islands. Life is good, and I’m grateful for every moment. 

You have a lovely day. 

A bientôt,

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