One page per day

When starting off a Work Smarter: Live Better journey with leaders, I always kick things off with a simple question: If you had more time for yourself, what would you do? Often, people mention spending time with family, or focusing on their health,

And surprisingly, making time to read.

Bonjour, in this video, I’m here to share three straightforward tips that can make a world of difference in your personal development and growth.

I’m currently at Melbourne Airport, waiting to catch a flight after a fantastic meeting with two inspiring leaders.  As I look around the bustling terminal, I can’t help but notice how many people are mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

Now, here’s the thing: while many of us spend a whopping two and a half hours per day on social media, we lament not having enough time to indulge in reading. Sound familiar?

So, without further ado, here are my three golden nuggets of advice:

Capture on the Fly: Ever stumble upon something intriguing you’d like to read? Don’t let it slip away. Whip out your phone or grab a pen and jot it down. For me, it’s a note aptly named “Books to Read” on my iPhone—so easy.

Make it Tiny: Keep it simple. Commit to reading just a few pages a day. Whether it’s five pages, two pages, or even just one, anchor it to an existing routine. For me, it’s part of my morning ritual, where I delve into 10-15 pages of pure literary bliss.

Time to Implement: Reading isn’t just about consumption; it’s about application. Grab a trusty pen and underline those nuggets of wisdom that resonate with you. And when you finish a book, jot down the “interesting” bits and note what you plan to implement. Then, set aside dedicated time each week to revisit your notes and reflect on your learnings. I block 1h30 per week to debrief my learning.

So, my questions for you is this: Can you spare five minutes a day? How about ten? Reading should be a joy, not a chore. So, seek out content that sparks your curiosity and makes you want to dive in headfirst.

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful and that they inspire you to carve out some precious time for yourself.

Until next time, happy reading!

A bientôt,

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