Out of sight, out of mind

Do you work with your mobile phone on your desk?

Most people do. And?

‘individuals who completed these tasks while their phones were in another room performed the best, followed by those who left their phones in their pockets. In last place were those whose phones were on their desks.’

Harvard Business Review article ‘Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking’.

Bonjour. In this video, I want to share one simple advice to increase both your focus and your performance.

Mobile phones have become so important not only for our work but also in our lives. Most people today would struggle  without them. However, it’s not always for the best.

There have been many interesting research articles published highlighting the impact our mobile phones are having on our performance and focus. If any of you are interested, then you should read the book by Tanya Goodin ‘Off’.

You can also check the Harvard Business Review article ‘Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking’.

In short, having your mobile phone on when you are trying to focus reduces your IQ. What is even more interesting is that even when your mobile is turned off, but within sight such as on your desk for example, it will still distract you. Part of your brain is still connecting to it, expecting it to ring or beep.

So here are a few suggestions:         

1. Turn off all notifications except perhaps for one emergency app such as your sms. That’s it, no other notifications. I do this with all the people I train, and the impact is immediate. Scary to do for most people at first but it becomes very liberating, very quickly.

2. Regularly completely turn it off. When you want to focus, switch off the phone. Trust me, the world will not collapse during that time.

3. Hide it. Put it away out of sight, in another room, in a drawer.

4. Have regular mobile phone sabbath time where you completely disconnect with it for a long period. I suggest every day from 8pm till 8am and a whole day or at least half a day every weekend.

This is this week’s, Work Smarter Live Better. Please do not underestimate the importance of disconnecting with your mobile phone. The positive feedback from my clients who do this, is huge.

Have a great day.

A bientot,

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