Start Email with Purpose

Hi this is Cyril Work Smarter: Live Better. In this week’s video I want to share one simple advice that can save everyone quite a bit of time on emails.

When I work with my clients, and I have a pleasure of working with a lot of different industries, different levels, around the world, one topic that always resonate is email or the volume of email.

I’m working currently with a big food and beverage company, one of the biggest in the world. There managers are complaining about the volume of emails. They are receiving emails during the day, they are receiving emails in evening, at night because they are international. And it’s not only about the volume of emails, it’s also about the email etiquette. It’s about simple thing that we could do to make our life much easier with emails.

I don’t know if you’ve ever received and email that says “Dear Cyril blah..blah..blah.. blah” and you look at the end of email and say “Why did this person send me this email? Do I need to do something about it? Is it just for information?”. Or a little bit better “Dear Cyril blah..blah..blah… could you do this?”. And you only understand at the end of the email why this email was sent to you. And now you have to restart reading the whole email, now that you understand why the email was sent to you.

I think it would be much better to send an email this way; Starting with the why, with aim, with a purpose at the start. “Dear Cyril, the reason I’m sending you this email is this. Can you do this?. Or ‘This is only for information. Now let me tell you the story.”

So my simple advice is start your emails with the purpose; the why; with what the person needs to do. “For information’ or “This is the action you need to do”. If everyone in the team would do this, that would make emails much easier for everyone else.

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip. Please if you have any advice, if you have any tip that you want to share with us about emails you are always welcome. Just share it with everyone so write below. Just write one idea and we can share it with everyone.

You have a lovely day, until next week.

You take care.


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