Swimming in the English channel

In this video, I want to discuss with you a very important complement to managing your time.

You’re probably wondering what I am doing in a wetsuit?  I am still in England and the other day Jen, a friend of mine, asked if I wanted to go for a swim in the sea with her and a few of her friends.

We are currently in November and the sea temperature is 12 degrees. So, I thought thanks but no thanks.

And then I changed my mind.

I am very aware that research has shown the enormous benefits of having a cold shower every day can have on your health. I have been experimenting with a cold shower now for a few weeks, and I thought that for one day, instead of a cold shower, I could have a quick swim in the English Channel.

As you know I work with many leaders around the world, helping them and their teams manage their time more effectively. One area I always discuss with them at the end of their journey is the importance of focusing and managing their energy: what they eat, how they exercise, how they sleep.

I am doing a course at the moment on managing your health and energy, and one recommendation they are making is to take a cold shower every day. Consequently, for the last few weeks I have started doing it. Today my cold shower has been replaced with a sea swim.

My suggestion: do not only focus on managing your time, but also focus on managing your energy: eat, sleep, move. The quality of your thinking will be improved, your productivity will be increased, and your performance will be higher.

This is this week’s Work Smarter Live Better tip. I am now going to have a WARM shower. I am done with this cold one!

Have a great day,

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