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The Simple Question You Should Answer Every Quarter And Review Every Week

Hi! This is Cyril from Work smarter Live better. In this video, I want to share a simple question that can completely change your performance.

Most companies that we see have a proper strategy. Either they work with a consultant, The BCG, Bain and McKinsey of the world, or they take the time with the leadership team to really think about their strategy. But there’s a few thing happen. Quota from the strategy is too far. We’re talking about the vision in 3 years or in 5 years. So for each person, I understand where we are going in 5 years but, you know, what does that mean now? It’s too complex obviously a strategy where it’s far too detailed like there’s a big document. And I call that the “Where is wally? concept”.

The where is wally? is “ I understand the big battle but where am I in this battle?” Which mean what does this strategy mean for me on a day to day basis. I suggest that each person, to you, each person in your business, every quarter ask themselves a very simple question. Every quarter, once a quarter you pause and you ask yourself a very simple question: What are the 2 or 3 things that you if you did extremely well and nothing else over the next 3 months would have a significant impact long term on your performance? Very simple question. Two or three. Not five. Not ten. You need to have the courage to identify only 2 or 3 priorities. If everything is important, nothing is. So, two or three. It could be a project. A very specific project with a start date and end date. Or it could be an ongoing activities that if you did extremely well and nothing else or change nothing else.

Now, I know you will do all the things, but the mentality is you really agree every quarter the 2 or 3 thing that really are the most important. The 2 or 3 thing that you’re really going to focus and you accept not to spend too much time on the rest. Over the next three months, I really lower this period. Three months is long enough so you can achieve things but short enough to see an impact. Which will have a significant impact long term on your performance and the performance of your business. The criteria here is not how urgent things are, it’s not who’s asking for it, the only criteria is the impact, is the value. I was working last week with a group of managers from a large bank. And the interesting thing is we did an exercise? and after that we do what we call a compose plan? and so on. But we started with this simple question. And the interesting thing is they all knew, they all knew their 2 or 3 priorities. In all those years of coaching people, people know the 2 or 3 things they should be focusing on.

This week works smarter, live better for the tip and hope you enjoyed it. If you like it, click on the button below. But also can you share what is your tip for you to be more effective. Your tip for you to ask yourself what are the top priorities. Share with us and let’s continue the discussion below. Thank you very much.

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