There’s no magic wand

Hi this is Cyril from work smarter live better. In this video, I want to share one simple thing, one important behavior if you really want to change your work habits.

Since the success of my book Work Smarter Live Better and by the way, thank you to a lot of you. I mean it’s been amazing I published this book six years ago and I self-published and it’s gone completely wild. I’m being beyond words to be honest with you.But very often I’m contacted by organization by a leader of an organization who said to me “Cyril can you come and can you do a one session for my team and you completely change their work habits?” And they’re always very surprised because I refuse, I said “Look I can come and have one session and help with a few tips and you know make it very practical. Me and my team can come and take the team through a journey that’s going to last a few months. But there’s no magic wand I cannot come in and or anyone in my team can come in one session and just change everything.

The thing which is really important is it takes time to change a habit. There’s no magic wand. There’s a lot of survey about how you change habits. They first spoke about the 21 days. Now, I even read people to give it a 60 days. I don’t know how long it takes to change a habit if it’s 21 days or 60 days. What I know is, you need to unlearn what you’ve done for years and years to relearn. And that takes time. And no magic wand it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to change something and you need to persist with it for 21 days. Let’s say two or three weeks doing it every day until it becomes a new habit.

So my suggestion on this one is very simple. Whatever you learn whatever you want to change whether it’s listening to one of my video blog listing, to reading my book or a completely different topic it doesn’t really matter. If you want to change your habit choose one or two things and persist with it for two or three weeks every day. And little by little, it will change your habits. There’s no magic wand.

This is this week’s Works smarter live better tip, if you have any advice about how you have changed your work habits don’t hesitate to share. It’s such an important topic. I hope you enjoy your day. Until next time. See you soon.

Cheers bye.

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