Timebox your work

I am now in New York. 

And if you can see it behind me, in the background, you’ll see Manhattan. You might be able to see the Statue of Liberty. 

I love Manhattan. It’s such an amazing place to be.  

And I’m working with a great group – we’re having so much fun. I’m with a group of leaders from a global company. One of them is Brett, and we had a discussion about protecting your time, what it is, and so on.

In this video, I want to share with you one little tip to really protect your time.


We are two-thirds through a full month’s journey. Brett, tell me, out of this two-thirds period that we’ve done, what has had the biggest impact for you, or what will have the biggest impact for you? 


The biggest impact for me is just timeboxing work. Because before then, it was spilling over into the morning. It’s taking me away from my family and breakfast. And it was spilling over into dinner and family time.  

So now that I can work more efficiently, I can timebox it.  

And now I have time for working out, I have time for family, I’m healthier, I feel better about myself, I feel better about work, I’m getting more done at the same amount of time. So, it’s really having a positive impact.

What I love about what Brett said is the principle that we’re going through, which is about how we manage our time, how we protect what’s really important, how we focus on the key things that are as important – if not more – on our personal life.  

People start this journey thinking it’s about their inbox, it’s about managing their email, managing their calendar, managing their file…  

And they soon realize that it’s about life. It’s about making sure that, first, you’re very clear on what’s really important for you – family, health, they’re super important. And some of your key projects.  

And then, taking control of this, timeboxing it on the business side, then on a personal side, so you have more time for what’s really important, which has direct impact for the rest of your life.

So, this is the tip of this week: Make sure that you’re very clear on what’s really important for you. It’s going to have an impact on the business side and on the personal side. And protect it. Block it in your calendar. And that should be number one. 

This is this week’s Work Smarter, Live Better tip.  

We’re going to go back this afternoon into the room, have a lot of fun.  


What have we been doing just now? What kind of music are we hearing? 


Oh, we’re hearing all sorts of fun music. We’re actually dancing in there as well. So, it is informative. It’s fun. And it just makes your life better. 


How funny is that? I’m making those leaders dance, and I’m dancing myself. I’m loving it! All right. Bye bye. And let’s say goodbye to Manhattan. I’ll see you soon. Cheers. 

A bientôt,

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