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Using your bathroom as an office

Bonjour, in this video, I would like to share three simple pieces of advice to be more productive when you’re working from home, namely: Declutter Focus and Energized.

Declutter: take the time to declutter your space.

Most offices are now without too much paper. However, I found this is not the same at home. Declutter your desk. Have a clear desk policy. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. It has a negative impact on your concentration. It is highly worth  investing two to three hours of your time to declutter your space.

Focus: create an environment which foster focus.

Working from home can be hugely beneficial in normal times. I am the first one to highly recommend it. But during Covid19 with other people in the house or apartment, working from home can be very challenging.  Therefore, find a place at home where you can focus and not get distracted / interrupted.

Maybe it’s your bathroom =)

Energized – put around you things that energize you.

Let me share my example. In my home office I have a photo of my wife and kids. I also have the famous rocket of Tintin (don’t get me started on the French comic culture…). I have the books that I have loved reading. I have a map of a place in Mauritania in Africa where I travelled with my friends. I have some corals as I love the sea.

I could go on and bore you to death, but the point is that all these objects mean something positive to me and they give me energy.

This is this week’s work smarter live better tip. Make sure your home office is well set up.

If you and your team are struggling with these new ways of working, with working smarter remotely, give me a yell (or drop me an email). Very happy to discuss if and how we might be able to help.

A bientôt


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