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We did not open our Christmas presents

Bonjour, in this video, I want to share how putting my big rocks first was tested recently.

For those who have worked with me, you know how I insist on the importance of big rocks. How important it is to take the time every quarter to think and clarify your business big rocks. Focusing on the two to three things which will have the most impact long term on your performance.

All through the work smarter: live better journey, we focus on people’s business big rocks. However, at the end of the journey we have a whole discussion on the importance of our personal big rocks. That is to say focusing on the things which will have the most impact long term on our lives.

Every quarter I take the time to select not only my business big rocks but more importantly my personal big rocks.

One of my current personal big rocks, is quality time and adventure with my family. We had planned to go away in mid-December for a long weekend camping with friends, and then come back to Sydney for Christmas. We were then due to leave for 2 weeks at the end of December and discover East Gippsland and the Victorian Alps. Victoria is a state that we as a family are quite unfamiliar with and we were all very excited to hire a campervan and go exploring.

Whilst we were away camping, things began to go pear shaped as new coronavirus cases were being detected in Sydney and Victoria decided to close its borders to all residents from the northern beaches in Sydney. On top of this, the northern beaches where we live, were about to go into severe lock down.

So much for our nice family trip Victoria.

TK and I spoke about it and had to come up with an alternative solution. We agreed that we needed to do our best to protect our big rock, which was quality time and adventure together as a family. Having called the hotline and making sure we were still abiding the rules, we decided not to go back to Sydney. We got a Covid test and once we got our negative results, we managed to find a holiday home on the South coast of NSW and off we went.

We spent our time, walking along beautiful remote beaches, taking a dip in the ocean, and discovering stunning places to snorkel which we never knew existed. In the evenings we sat around playing board games and enjoyed relaxed family meals together.

Here is my point: be crystal clear about your personal big rocks every quarter. It is so worth spending the time on your own and with your partner to focus on your personal big rocks, every quarter.

Ask yourself a simple question: what are the few things you need to focus on this quarter which will have the most impact long-term on your life?

Be clear every quarter on your big rocks and then protect them. Make them happen.

We initially left for a 4-day camping trip and our bags contained very few clothes and toiletries. We have ended up being away for over 3 weeks. This is the first Christmas ever where no physical gifts were exchanged. However, on Christmas morning we told out kids that they were getting the gift of time and love.  We are now in January and the Christmas presents are still unopened under the Christmas tree in our house in Sydney. However, we made sure we protected our big rock and the memories we have created will last a lifetime.

This is this week’s Work Smarter: Live Better tip. I hope you enjoy it. I’m about to go snorkeling in this crystal-clear water.

My best wishes to you and your family for 2021,

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