Who is really in charge?

Bonjour. In this video, I want to share a simple concept to enable you to remain in charge of your time and help you be productive at all times. This is important at any time, but even more so today as most of our work routines have been disrupted.

I just finished a session with the leadership team of a large company during which we did an exercise where I asked each person to design their ideal week.

When I mentioned this at first, many were skeptical: “Cyril, you don’t understand my life. An ideal week doesn’t exist.”

Granted. Your week will never be ideal. However, it is much better to start from your ideal rather than a blank page.

It is becoming more and more necessary to carry out this exercise as an increasing amount of people are now working from home. They might have to manage their children who are also at home, often they are having to deal with many unexpected issues and crises. On top of that, the gym is closed, and they can’t even play tennis for example.

Now is the time to redesign your ideal week.

Start with an empty week.  First step is to think about your personal time: time with your family, time for your health, time for your passions. Block time for this.

Secondly block time for your key priorities, and for your thinking time. Then block time for collaboration and interaction with clients and teams.  Finally block time for processing such as dealing with your emails.

Now I am not asking you to block 100% of your time. May be 40% or 50%. But you are taking control of the week and saying to anything else: ‘you can have access to 50% of my time but not 100%’.

You are in charge.

This is this week’s Work Smart: Live Better tip.

If you or your team needs help to design your ideal week, send me an email to discuss further (cyril@wslb.com.au).

A bientôt



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