WSLB for teens

Hi, this is Cyril from Work Smarter: Live Better. In this video I want to share how important I think it is to share a few simple time management principals with our kids, especially when they become teenagers.

I am doing right now the most extraordinary, meaning out of the ordinary, session I have ever done. You can see that I am not wearing any business clothes today. And I am not in a training or meeting room.

I am in the middle of the desert in Morocco.

You can see the dunes of the Sahara Desert behind me. So yes, you are right, I am not on a business trip. I am on holiday with very close friends, on a four-wheel drive adventure. So good.

A few days ago, unexpectedly, my friends asked me to do a time management session for everyone, with a specific focus on the teenagers in the group. Therefore, this is what we are doing now.

Two things I would like to share about this session. The first one is about putting what is important first. I call that our big rocks. This trip with my friends is a huge big rock. But it could have easily gone in the too hard basket. Yes, it required some effort, planning and investment. But it was so worth it.

Make sure you plan and do the things which are very important for you, otherwise they will never happen.

The second thing I would like to share is how amazed I am with the teenagers around me. They have been so willing to learn simple time and energy management principles. They have asked so many questions. Managing your time and energy shouldn’t be only for top leaders. It is critical for everyone, and we should all start helping our kids with this.

Seeing the interest and enthusiasm of the teenagers here is mind blowing.

We had discussions about goals and priorities, about planning and task management. In the end we discussed the importance of focus and the risk of distractions and interruptions, especially at a time where being 24×7 on our mobile phone has become the norm.

We are about to finish the session so that we can continue our adventure. Have a wonderful day.

A bientôt

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